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Okay, so 21 is a little over two years from now. So I guess I’ll answer where I want to be by then.

-I’ll hopefully be finishing up my undergrad work by then, so I hope to be blogging about the next stage of my life, like grad school and such (hopefully more excitement than anxiety too)

-By then, it would be nice if one of my teams won the cup. I’d blog about that. A lot.

-Music is something that has always been important to me and I hope it still is, whether I blog about music that I’m listening to or if I ever branch out and create my own.

-Maybe/hopefully by then there will be a beau of some sort in my life. I’d blog about him for sure.

I hope to be more mature and wiser by the time I’m 21, but I think I’d still probably be blogging about the same type of things that I am now: music, hockey, memories, my personal beliefs, etc, etc.

Thanks for the question, Anon! It was cool to be asked to think ahead a little bit.

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I think I did have a tumblr already when I was 14. Maybe not, maybe I got it the next year, but I was a freshman in high school so I would have been blogging about:

-Flyleaf/Family Force 5/RED/all the other bands I listened to
-Jesus (lots and lots of stuff about Him)
-Positivity/Inspirational stuff

I was pretty boring at 14 now that I think about it. I just listened to a lot of music haha

I used to scream. And when I did, it was all about ‘THIS IS THE TRUTH!” “LISTEN OR DIE!”
And Now if I scream, its usually, “I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWERS!” “GOD HELP ME! I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!”

Is this because I’m getting smarter or dumber? Maybe being dumb actually makes us smarter. But the moment we become smarter, we get our feet under us, put all our weight into those smart legs, raise up our heads, only to wobble around violently, until we find ourselves flat on our faces, crying a little because we learned that we haven’t learned much.

Lacey Sturm  (via lace-nicole)